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Sytchampton Folk Dance Club

The Sytchampton Dance Club, has been running since 1970, so over 40 years. We Meet most Wednesdays but also meet for other recreational events throughout the year. You'll find us in the Village Hall, opposite the village of Sytchampton on the A449 in Cow Lane. The Club is affiliated to the English Folk Dance and Song Society (EFDSS). Club nights are on Wednesday and begin at 8pm. There is an interval at 9pm when coffee, tea and biscuits are served. The evening finishes at 10pm. All club nights have live music provided by musicians from several bands. Club nights cost £1.50 for members and £2 for non members. Between 60 and 70 people attend each week to dance to live bands and an excellent range of callers. You can be assured a friendly welcome. We have a variety of callers, some from our own club and some guest callers. We do a mixture of English, American and Playford dance, depending upon the caller on the night. We are a cheerful and welcoming group - so do try us.. You can also find us on Facebook.