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Ombersley History Group

David Collier / Judy Baer
Do you know where Ombersley Jail was? What was the Racks notorious for in the 19th century? How many pubs were there in Ombersley in the 19th century? Interested in local history? A newly formed group might be of interest to you. The Ombersley History Group meet about once a month to discuss anything and everything of local historical interest. It’s all very casual and usually involves cake and conversation in one of our homes. Some of us have done research on projects which interest such as; delving into the history of our own houses, finding out about the Saltway or questioning the facts in the books published about Ombersley, and we chat about those. We are in the process of writing a small pamphlet about Ombersley History. If you have any suggestions about something you think we should include, we would love to hear from you. In particular, if you hold any local historical documents, we would love to see them. So, if this sounds like something you would be interested in (or if you would like to know the answers to the questions at the top), please contact either David Collier (email drdcollier@gmail.com) or Judy Baer.