Neighbourhood Watch Information For Droitwich Spa and surrounding area

Droitwich NHW, is the collective Facebook presence for Neighbourhood Watch schemes in Droitwich.

Our Facebook page is used to share reports, warnings and information from the people of Droitwich, the Police and Local Authority related to Safty, Crime and Crime Prevention.

Recognised by the Police and Local Authorities, Neighbourhood Watch has nothing to do with either.

Neighbourhood Watch, is made up of groups of neighbours looking out for each other, that is you.

Don’t let criminals get away with it, setting up a street level schemes in your neighbourhood, being nosey and reporting it might just make a difference. It’s really easy to setup.

Neighbourhood Watch Co-Ordinators

Judy Goodman 01905 620682
Denis Grimshaw 01905 621020
Di Grove 01905 621873
Conway Hall 01905 621649
Sue Holder 01905 620440
Marie Jones 01905 621385
Elaine Neumann 01905 621726
Peter Reynolds 01905 621928
Graham Remes 01905 621409
Amanda Jeynes 07794 100024

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