Judy Goodman

The results of the Neighbourhood Plan questionnaire showed that residents of the Parish would like to see the field in front of the Memorial Hall become a much more attractive area which caterers for the needs of all age groups. Following several meetings between representatives of the Trustees of the Memorial Hall, the Memorial Hall committee and the Parish Council a plan is in the process of being drawn up to achieve this goal.

The first phase which needed to be completed as early as possible in the year was to reduce the size, reshape and replant part of the hedge that surrounds the park.

The second phase which will be completed once life has returned to normal following our current lock down is to replace the fencing that runs between the field and the Memorial Hall with fencing that compliments the rails around the entrance to the Hall. In order to protect the children of the Parish a fence will also be placed around the play area.
At the same time these plans are being worked on the same group are looking at the entrance to the park and the possibility of installing a set of gates which it is hoped will be hung on a set of historic pillars.

The third phase will be to lay paths that are suitable for all to walk comfortably on whilst giving pushchairs and mobility equipment easy access to all areas of the park.

The final phase will be to dress the park with the planting of new trees and shrubs, installing new benches, and sundry items.

The whole scheme will be enhanced by the garden the Memorial Hall committee are looking to plant at the Hall.

We had hoped to have all this work completed by this summer but obviously this is now unachievable. We will however post new time lines when they are available.

Judy Goodman
A Partnership Project between the Parish Council, The Memorial Hall Committee and Trustees.