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Say Aphasia Ombersley

Say Aphasia (Ombersley) is part of the Charity 'Say Aphasia' which helps people who have difficulty with speech and language, usually after a stroke or brain injury. Say Aphasia is a UK based charity that supports people with aphasia and their families and carers. We run a supportive drop-in group where people with aphasia can get together, chat, make friends and practise their communication skills with like-minded people. These groups aim to help improve the welfare of people with aphasia by: * providing a supportive place * helping to reduce loneliness * helping to increase confidence * providing a place to socialise * helping everyone to adapt to their new way of life. All our groups are friendly and supportive and we make everyone welcome. Say Aphasia is run by its members with the help of some amazing volunteers. We are always looking for people to support the charity by fundraising, volunteering or perhaps taking part in a challenge event to help us raise money so we can continue to help people with aphasia live happy and fulfilling lives.